New suggested cobalamin protocol


IPE-Quebec is constantly looking for the best information and research on the IPE, in order to share the information as fair as possible. The latest studies seem to indicate that the risk of B12 deficiency in EPI dogs may last longer than we previously thought. So even if the EPI dog is stable, it may still need Cobalamin supplementation.

In dogs, the assimilation of vitamin B12 is done exclusively in the presence of the intrinsic. Since the intrinsic is secreted mainly by the pancreas and partially by the stomach, it is therefore possible that the dog with exocrine pancreatic insufisency fail to secrete enough intrinsic for the optimal assimilation of Cobalamin.

The ideal cobalamin level for a EPI dog is 295 pmol/L or 400 ng/L. This places it in the normal high. If your dog is for example at 197 pmol/L or 267 ng/L, he would be in the normal low range. In this case, he must be supplemented with Cobalamin. See the example below.

To start the treatment of a newly diagnosed EPI dog, we advise you to supplement it with Cobalamin at least for 6 weeks at the rate of one injection per week. In the case of B12 capsules with intrinsic, we suggest 1 capsule per day for 12 weeks. Thereafter, it is preferable to revalidate the levels of Cobalamin present in the blood approximately 1 Month after the last treatment by injection and one week for the treatment by capsules.

By injection

By capsules


References:  Laboratoire gastro-intestinal

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