The Testimonial section is so that you can express yourself on your positive or negative experience with your dog’s EPI diagnosis. How did you learn that your dog was EPI? Use the Testimonial section to help us understand.

A new Veterinary Section is currently under construction. EPI disease is not a very well-known disease. Unfortunately, many veterinarians simply do not know it. With the new veterinary section, you will be able to refer your veterinarian. This section will be useful for them to learn about this disease which is Exocrine Insufficiency Pancreatic (EPI). We do not replace your veterinarian, but we help you to orient him towards the adequate tests to give your dog all the chances on his side.

Your testimony will surely help other users to understand that they are not alone in this situation and that there are different solutions and alternatives. I myself had difficult experiences. It was over 6 years ago with the diagnosis of my dog ​​who is a German Shepherd dog now 9 years old. She was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in 2013. Since then she has been doing very well and currently weighs 85 lbs. She had lost 23 Lbs before being diagnosed with EPI. Proof that we must not lose hope.

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