Food for your EPI dogs

Food for your EPI dogs

In this section, you will find the several types of food for your EPI dogs that have been proven to work.  It is important to understand that an EPI dog should be fed a low-fiber diet, ideally grain-free.

The digestibility of the food

Veterinarians often recommend Gastro Intestinal Low Fat for 2 main reasons. The first reason is that this food is a highly digestible food. Since in many cases, the dog that has just been diagnosed with EPI has most likely gone through a prolonged episode of diarrhea, feeding a highly digestible food will really help him recover more quickly and help stabilize his stool due to the digestibility of this food.




Raw fats

The second reason is mainly based on the fact that since the pancreas no longer secretes enough lipase, among other things, which allows the digestion of fats, a food low in raw fats would help him. But this 2nd reason is not so true anymore. In the past, it was mostly this logic that prevailed. Since then, much research has shown that if the enzyme concentration was sufficient when the food was added, the animal was able to finally digest a food richer in fat and this, up to 18% of raw fat without too much problem.

So, with the 5X, 6X, 8X or 10X enzymes, the enzymatic concentration of lipase is more than enough to break down the fat molecules and then digest it. Of course, there will always be exceptions. But in general, with the right enzyme concentrations, the animal will be able to use several types of food without problems.

Popular brands that have proven themselves:

Of course, there are other brands of food that you can feed your EPI dog. The examples above are only suggested brands. In fact, what you need to understand is that the fiber should be a maximum of 4% and the fat should not really exceed 18%.

For the raw food enthusiasts, don’t worry, raw is totally compatible with an EPI dog. But be careful not to give it frozen because the enzymes need to be able to do their work.

In fact, what you have to understand is that every dog is different. So, here we explain the types of food that have been successful for our IPE companions. But it’s possible that what works for one may not be optimal for yours. The best way to know if the food you are feeding your dog is compatible with him, is at all times to relate to the stool. If the stool looks good after 1 week followed by a complete transition, you will have a good idea that the food is compatible with your dog. If the stools are well formed and solid and pick up well, you can continue with this new food.


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