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Veterinary costs can go up quickly when your dog gets sick. It is not everyone who can bear these exorbitant sometimes fees. In some cases, euthanasia becomes a solution for lack of financial resources. In the case of Pancreatic Exocrine insufficiency, still today, many veterinarians do not know this disease well.

You have questions ?

So in these cases, several tests are done to diagnose the disorder of your dog but without really being successful. The purpose of this Blog is not to make a smear campaign against veterinarians. Several Veterinarians do very good work. But it is for Mr. and Mrs. X who do not have the means to take the treatment offered by their veterinarian. To have alternatives to your dog’s treatments at a lower cost and just as effective. Choose another alternative than euthanasia and know that your dog can continue to live with you for a long time without breaking the bank.

Here we do not sell enzymes or antibiotics or anything. This blog is only there to answer your questions and help you and your pet find solutions and alternatives that will allow you to keep your dog. Links on cheaper alternatives on the treatment of your Coco or Cocotte d’amore.

A new Veterinary Section is currently under construction. EPI disease is not a very well-known disease. Unfortunately, many veterinarians simply do not know it. With the new veterinary section, you will be able to refer your veterinarian to this section so that they can read it. We do not replace your veterinarian, but we help you to orient him towards the adequate tests to give your dog all the chances on his side.

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Tanya Beauchemin
4 years ago

What would be an alternative to pankaid? We have a dog in our rescue (Sit With Me) with EPI and Pank aid is sold out everywhere. If you can email us with your suggestions, that would be so helpful.

joanne ryan
joanne ryan
2 years ago

we are having an issue…
my German sheppard was taking Pankaid and it was amazing.
Unfortunately, we were told they are no longer making it and has replaced it with Viokace which is not as effective. My dog is having very soft feces on it. Any suggestions? I noticed you mentioned about an american company that supplies Pankaid of alternatives? That would be great!

1 year ago

My cat has EPI and was prescribed Pank-aid. We can no longer get any.
Can this alternative enzyme be taken by cats as well as dogs?
Thank you,

1 year ago

My GSD was just diagnosed and the vet cannot find Pankaid anywhere, which is what led me here.
I am looking at ordering from Wonderlab… for the Pet-Zyme, would the dosage be half of what Pankaid would be? given that Pankaid is 5X and Pet-Zyme 10X?

1 year ago

I have a German shepherd she was taking pankade now it’s out of stock I take enzyne diane no problem except for customs fees which are very expensive for 2 months with customs included it costs me $570 dollars is it very expensive there is a distributor in Canada thank you

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