Alternatives for enzymes

If you have a client who does not seem to have the financial means for the treatment of enzymes with Pank-Aid of Vitoquinol, There are cheaper and as effective alternatives as enzymes Sold in a Veterinary clinic. The ultimate goal is that your client does not choose euthanasia for lack of financial resources.

Pank-Aid is considered a type of 5X concentration enzyme. There are serious and controlled suppliers in the United States who, for about
Enzymes alternativeprice of 2 pots of pankaid of 114 g, will sell 1 Kg of 6X concentration enzyme including shipping costs. Which makes 772 g more for about the same price. So considerable financial relief for your client. Which in some cases could direct your client to a solution other than dog euthanasia.

The 114 g pot lasts for about 2 weeks, the kilo can last for about 3 months. Being a little more concentrated, the amount per meal will be less. The purpose of suggesting this alternative is not to deprive you from selling a marketable product. But to compensate for a long-term solution. For those who are unable to assume the costs of enzymes sold in the clinic.

For several years, this solution has helped keep several dogs alive. Because in several cases, euthanasia had been envisaged. I have referred more than 94 cases of dogs to their Veterinarians until January 2020 across Quebec, to pass the TLI test to be diagnosed with IPE. Of this number, 21 were considering euthanasia of the animal for financial reasons. The cheaper enzyme alternative made these 21 dogs still alive today and living very good lives. As a result, tax relief through the price of enzymes has allowed dog owners to be able to continue treating their dogs for the long term.


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